Xtreme Caged Combat - This company has stolen from, scammed and deceived me.

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As the owner of Xtreme Caged Combat, Ryan Kerwin is extremely violent, fraudulent thief.With many years behind bars he has mastered the term *** MAN.

Mr Kerwin has solicited the sales of illegal narcotics and/or prescription drugs as supplemental income for his business. Also if you are a fighter and plan to fight for Mr Kerwin or Extreme Caged Combat BEWARE, because Mr Kerwin has be know to set up very unfair cage matches if he has a grudge against any fighter or their camp. Many of the local fight camps in Mr Kerwins area have already addressed this issue with Mr Kerwin but to no avail. That is why Mr Kerwin is now having a hard time finding local fighters to fight for his company.

If anyone does not believe this you can just look up Mr Kerwin's record for yourself and find multiple charges such as aggravated assault and retail theft. The retail theft occurred when Mr Kerwin stole baby formula from a grocery store just within the last few years, and no Mr Kerwin does not have any kids!


To the people who are choosing to contribute to this ***-MANS next event make sure you purchase general admission tickets, Because with no security you can just move up to the front row without any problems.M WHEELS

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